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ROCHE Diagnostics


“Strategeex has helped structure our strategic analysis approach and align all our employees with a common strategy.”


M. Guyon: ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS FRANCE Marketing Director




« During the reflection on our diversification plan, we used Strategeex’s tool in order to manage the different phases and follow the path of success. »

L. Guerbe : R&D & Innovation Director

THALES Avionics


“Strategeex is an excellent collaborative and methodological solution. We really appreciated being supported by a team of experts in digital transformation.”

E. Guyonnet : Strategy and Marketing Director

Services Offers

Our additional services will guarantee you the conditions for a successful implementation of your projects.


The Strategeex Academy is an online learning platform.

The academy allows you to train you and your teams on key topics relating to business strategy.

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Strategeex experts challenge the analyzes of one or more projects carried out by your teams on the software and support them on difficulties encountered.


We adapt Strategeex modules to your 
company, your industry and your projects. Personalized applications will be provided to you as well as appropriate training.




Time to market

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Our unique strategic path 



Definition of the company repository

Work on marketing and strategic segmentation

Identification of key elements of the value chain



Definition of business model canvas for key segments of the company to properly frame the value proposition

Internal and external analysis of business segments

Competitors analysis 



Carrying out a corporate diagnosis using Strategic Analysis matrices

Positioning of the company in relation to competitors

Drafting of strategic recommendations based on the analyzes carried out.




Definition of the main strategic initiatives

Company performance monitoring via an indicator monitoring module

Definition of commercial targeting

Creation of a piloting cockpit to have all information on a single page





  1. A lack of visibility on the current portfolio
  2. Weak organisation of the innovation center with limited resources and skills

  3. Lack of visibility of the skills needed to develop the projects portfolio, complementary to the business units existing competencies

  4. Techno push oriented innovations, driven by current business units skills, and not by current and future market and customers needs


  1. Risk of launching wrong projects towards market needs and technical ability of the teams to lead them

  2. Main innovation projects launched out of China, potentially not adapted to the local market

  3. No prioritisation of the various innovation projects

  4. No evaluation of the needed resources (budget and people)

  5. Poor framing of the business model associated with the projects



  1. Scan of internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as market attractiveness

  2. Make a prior diagnosis of current Innovation center situation

  3. Initiate the Portfolio Management through the Evaluation of the current portfolio, scan the main innovation projects.

  4. Structure and visualize the current innovation, techno bricks and expertise projects portfolio

  5. Identify the main trends and evaluate if the current projects portfolio answers to future needs


  1. Clarification of the innovation Strategy

  2. Evaluation of need of skills (material, mechanic, electronic, digital,…)

  3. Identification of the required programs to have in the future projects portfolio (innovation & technical bricks) in link with market, techno and digital trends

  4. Assessment of the current portfolio

  5. Definition of the organization of the Innovation Center & the skills needed

  6. Start the execution’s monitoring of the projects

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Strategeex is a French digital start-up positioned on its market since 2015. Our 20 employees with various backgrounds and passionate about digital work on a daily basis to develop the company.

As of today, we support 40+ mid-market and large-account clients through our digital journey and our support services.

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