Boost your future innovation projects with IDEATE 

Your future projects start with you collaborators.  

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Collaborative idea generation platform

Available from any browser, IDEATE by Strategeex unifies everything you may need on the same interface.

A simple and collaborative way to centralize all your ideas for future projects that will inspire your employees to participate in your transformation and innovation initiatives.

Our digital platform will allow you to set up the monitoring and analysis of your ideation processes. It will be the key tool to promote the success of your projects.

Involve your community

In addition to offering a platform that centralizes your project ideas through challenges, Ideate allows you to give your collaborators a voice in the form of votes and discussions directly on each idea generated, anonymous or not.


Analyze the potential of the ideas

When you have collected the different ideas from your collaborators, analyze them through the opportunity detector. Strategeex provides you with a wide range of analyzes to help you choose the most innovative and attractive ones.

78 % of companies have neither a formal idea generation process nor a formal idea evaluation process

M&BD Consulting

Resulting from the study on the capacity to innovate of SMEs and ETIs

Reasons to use IDEATE by Strategeex

Your company wants to engage its collaborators and collect their ideas. BUT : 

–  Your company does not have a digital tool, uses Word or Excel.

– The company has one, but its employees are going all over the place.

– Existing tools do not make it possible to exchange on ideas.

Difficulty in ranking the ideas.




Why Ideate might be the solution for you:


  •  Strategeex allows you to launch challenges, employees must link their idea to a challenge launched by the campaign administrator,
  • Ideate allows each participant to express themselves on the ideas of their colleagues, anonymously,
  • The administrator can see the best rated ideas in his dashboard and can gives himself an evaluation of each project.

Make your most innovative ideas come to life ! 

Through the four main stages of IDEATE, give liberty to the projects imagined by your collaborators and decide which ones to give life to.


A vision

Define your overall objectives and what you expect from your employees


A challenge

Create challenges for different project ideas





For the different challenges, your employees can let their imagination run wild by submitting and rating their ideas for future innovative projects to you.




Analyze the different ideas presented in your challenges using integrated matrices and questionnaires.


ROCHE Diagnostics

“Strategeex has helped structure our strategic analysis approach and align all our employees with a common strategy.”

M. Guyon: ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS FRANCE Marketing Director



« I am really satisfied with the platform and the innovation it represents for our Executive MBA. The user experience is fantastic and it greatly facilitates the animation of the program. The launch of the platform before the Covid-19 crisis was providential as we needed to digitize all our programs. Thanks to IDEATE, the ICP process was not a concern as we were already ready!”

V. Tran : Academic Dean of the Executive MBA at ESCP Business School

Services Offers

Our additional services will guarantee you the conditions for a successful implementation of your projects.


The Strategeex Academy is an online learning platform.

The academy allows you to train you and your teams on key topics relating to business strategy.

To know more, take an appointment by clicking here.


Strategeex experts challenge the analyzes of one or more projects carried out by your teams on the software and support them on difficulties encountered.


We adapt Strategeex modules to your 
company, your industry and your projects. Personalized applications will be provided to you as well as appropriate training.




Time to market

Less expensive than a consulting firm



  1. A significant number of transformation initiatives
  2. A short timeframe for developing the plan
  3. A rapidly changing market




  1. Difficult trade-offs
  2. A diversity of opinions on the actions to be taken
  3. Lack of reactivity and agility



  1. Identification of priority challenges
  2. Collection of employee ideas
  3. Evaluation of quick wins and strategic initiatives






  1. A strong involvement of the teams in the construction of the transformation plan
  2. Clearly defined and shared priority initiatives and ideas
  3. Simplified and effective horizontal and cross-functional communication

Our Team

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Strategeex is a French digital start-up positioned on its market since 2015. Our 20 employees come from various backgrounds and are all passionate about the digital transformation of companies. 

As of today, we support 40+ mid-market and large-account clients through our digital journey and our support services.

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